Friday, 15 August 2014

BASTARD (declamation)


Penoy, Balot. . .Penoy, Balot.

Yes Penoy, Balot has been my means of livelihood.

I am Martha. Please listen to my story. Like you we may be both victims of circumstances. I was born out a wedlock to a young colegiala who swayed off her feet when she became madly in love with a young man of the flickerville.

Bastard, bastard, that's hoe they called me. Society condemned me for a crime not of my own making but just a mistake by destiny. I have never felt what a father's love was and worst of them too much misery drove my mother out of her sanity. I was oftentimes beaten mercilessly for every little misdeed.
One evening I got home late. Right at the door mother was there with her long stick. Without a word she hit me mercilessly.

"Please, mother, stop it. I beg you." I was alt\ready bleeding until I could no longer take it. Before I knew it, I felt blood oozing on my forehead. Crimson Blood!

"Mother, why do you do this to me."

But that didn't stop her. She got the bolo and was about to strike me that I ran as fast as I could to save my life. All i know was a speeding car went between us. . .SHHHHH

When I turned my back I saw Inay lay helplessly.

"Inay", all I could say. I ran back to embrace the lifeless body of Inay.

"Good lord! Why did you permit this- You are my mother. Inay, I love you inspite of what has been.

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