Tuesday, 12 August 2014

HOOKED IN DRUG (declamation piece)


My hands, my arms, my head, my body. I am shivering. I am trembling, what is happening. Yeah, mom's jewelry box. I need it. I must get it. yes, I need several thousand of pesos to sustain me, to give way to my vice. Do you hear that? I need money for cocaine, I am helpless drug dependent.

It started out with a simple invitation to experience what is new. Little just little, once just once ... until I started yearning for it. Until I find out I cannot stand without having it more often.

Dad is too busy with his political career, wooing people to vote for him in a congressional seat in our province. Mom was equally occupied to grace the local dailies for her charitable projects left and right. I was left alone all to myself. It was only yaya who kept me company, pampering my every need. Cars, money, good time, all I wanted. Name them, I get them. Tired with all these I looked for more until I explored drugs with Fred, my friend. I started to change from good reserved individual to an out-going, happy go lucky. I became an illusive lawbreaker with dad and mom's influence.

What? Do you know if this ever made happy? No, I am not. I want peace I don't and cannot find peace. The urge to use drug becomes so strong and irresistible. This is the best escape I find over the emptiness and unworthiness of my wasted, meaningless and aimless existence.

Do you understand I want to change but I cannot. All I need is to end my life. This is truly a useless life.
Goodbye beautiful life, beautiful world. Goodbye Dad and Mom  I don't deserve you (bang,bang)


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  2. who is the aauthor of this piece plllssss

  3. Name of author, please. I want to use this as my declamation piece!! :)