Thursday, 13 March 2014

the voice of an orphan (declamation piece)


 I am an orphan; my age was 16 last June. Happy? No, I am not. I am lonely because at the age of nine I am parentless, penniless and even futureless. But they say i am beautiful. This beauty would lead me unto the galaxy of stardom.  In the world of modeling  or singing for instance. Yes, I could be a fashion model or a singer.But I disgrace all of them because of the memories. The past serves as desperation not inspiration. Believe it or not at the age of eight I saw my parents murdered. 
It was a beautiful day in November when we were on our way home from harvesting rice. Smiles on our lips when we were on our way. When suddenly a group of armed men halted us. Without any warning they drove us into a nearby secluded place. And while we were on our way, I could see the tears from my mother's eyes begging the men to set us free. Are you Macario Santiago? You are responsible for the capture of commader Reyes so you ought to be punished. Commander  Reyes? That name is familiar to me I said. Yes. . . yes. . . he was the hulk leader which father gave an information for his capture. No. . . no. . . don't hurt father, he is an ideal father. Please. . . please. . . for the love of God spare my husband.Then they tied father into a bulky tree and started whipping him. Then father shouted as he saw mother being hurt. No. . . no. . . don't do that to my wife. Kill me if you want but not my wife.I knelt down and prayed then bang. . . bang. . . bang. . . I lifted my head and there lay before me the dead bodies of my parents. Inay. . . itay. . . inay. . . itay. . . how could I live without you? But I placed myself to God. I know he will not forsake me. Yes, God will not forsake me.